Slim Mind

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Do you struggle with diets? Can you just not shake that sweet tooth? Or are you confused by the conflicting information about what to eat and how to eat? 

Slim Mind is the book for people who have had enough of dieting and want to be able to enjoy food but still lose weight. This isn’t a miracle cure, it isn’t even a weight loss regime. Slim Mind is the book that will change your perception of your eating habits and give you back the power to eat what you want.

This best selling book examines why we eat what we eat, the triggers that make us reach for the sugary/fatty foods and how we can recalibrate our mind to resist the food that is damaging us.

You will discover:

  • How to prepare yourself mentally to lose weight.

  • Practices to keep yourself focused on your journey to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Exercises to understand your personal relationship with food, enabling you to identify the causes of bad habits.

  • Understand how your emotions can affect your food cravings and create the vicious cycle of poor eating and diet failure.

  • How to eat well and what foods you really should be eating. No cutting out food groups, no milkshakes for lunch!

Writing this book as an experienced and respected psychiatrist, Slim Mind is the result of many years spent successfully treating people for weight loss. It’s not about telling people what food to avoid or how much exercise to do (although that is important too), it’s about understanding your own mind and your approach to food.

If you’ve ever looked at someone and thought, ‘How do they stay so skinny but still eat what they want?’, then this book is for you.

I can help you unlock the Slim Mind in yourself. Once you understand what is holding you back in your journey to weight loss or cutting out the processed food, then you will be in control of your own eating habits. And then no need to diet ever again!

You don’t need expensive diet programs. You don’t need to cut out fats, proteins, carbs or sugars. You definitely don’t need to starve yourself for three days a week. In fact, once you empower yourself and understand how your mind works, you will truly have a Slim Mind and be able to eat whatever you want!

Let me help you on your journey to a slimmer you. Get your copy of Slim Mind today.