Extremely useful tool for sufferers of fatigue and related conditions

I personally suffer with generalised anxiety disorder, so often experience feelings of fatigue as a result. I do believe that Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be very useful. This book is a valuable tool for sufferers of fatigue, and the author clearly knows what she is talking about. The book is engaging and empathetic, and the explanations of the condition are very familiar. The advice is extremely thought-provoking and useful and the exercises are logical and easy to follow, offering sufferers like myself hope that there is some help for the condition. All of the suggestions are realistic and achievable. There are some great tips and advice for overcoming worries and anxiety. I particularly liked the exercise about placing your worries on imaginary leaves and allowing them to float down a stream! Very therapeutic!

I do believe that, with practice, the exercises and advice within this book could have positive results and am hopeful for the future!

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