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Worry Tree

Worry is a sometimes unbearable and uncontrollable aspect of life that can be avoided and managed with the right guidelines. In this free download, you will be receiving detailed instructions on how to combat worry in an easy two part guide, including a visual representation called the ‘Worry Tree’, which is a simple process of thinking you can use and instructions for how to use it.


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Wheel of Emotion

Through years of studying emotions, Dr. Robert Plutchik, an American psychologist, proposed that there are eight primary emotions that serve as the foundation for all others: joy, sadness, acceptance, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and anticipation. (Pollack, 2016)


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The Perfectionist Trap

This model demonstrates how the cycle of perfectionism can lead to exhaustion.


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A Model of Chronic Fatigue

How the symptoms of Physical illness, Social and Emotional states can lead to a cycle of chronic fatigue.

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Chronic Fatigue Diary

Use this daily diary on a regular  basis to become in tune your mind and body connection.
Instructions included on the download.


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Circles of Control

Think of something that is bothering you, identify where you need to put your energy.


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Let Go Audio File

In this audio, I combine progressive muscular relaxation with cognitive diffusion techniques and mindful breathing to help you to let go of tensions and worries. I’ve made it short so that it is a doable exercise that can be incorporated into your daily life. Find a comfortable chair to sit in and close your eyes, sit back and enjoy an instant revitalisation. 

This audio file is part of the bonus material in my book ‘Exhausted!’

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When communicating with other people, it helps to keep in mind your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and those of the person you are communicating with.

Our thoughts and emotions sometimes get in the way of effective communication, and we can end up mis-communicating. An awareness of our own reactions, together with an understanding and awareness of how the other person might be reacting (their thoughts, feelings and responses) will give us important knowledge and help us to respond in a more assertive way. See the Assertiveness Infographic to understand more about the helpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with assertiveness.

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The Exhaustion Trajectory

This infographic shows how exhaustion, burn-out and fatigue are part of the same trajectory. You can find out more about the differences between the phases.